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Are you in search of top-tier commercial carpentry services in Cambridge? Look no further than Excel Carpentry Contractors, your go-to solution for all your commercial carpentry needs. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, we specialise in delivering exceptional results across a wide array of sectors including education, student accommodation, healthcare, residential developments, office and lab fit-out, restoration and hospitality.

Commercial Carpentry Solutions tailored to your needs

It doesn’t matter whether your needs lie in renovating an existing commercial space or embarking on a new construction project altogether, our approach to expert in every detail ensures your project needs are met, and so are your time and budget constraints! From custom joinery work to sleek cabinetry to commercial fire doors and everything in between, we have the skills and capabilities to bring your vision to life.

Ely Museum interior commercial carpentry refurbishment
School hallway renovated with new doors and glass windows

Commercial vs Residential Carpentry

 While both commercial and residential (or domestic) carpentry involve working with wood, timber and other materials to create high-quality structures and finishes, there are some differences between the two. Luckily Excel Carpentry Contractors are both a residential and commercial carpentry company offering packages in both disciplines. Commercial carpentry for the most part involves larger-scale projects in public environments such as offices, schools, hospitals and even retail spaces, whilst residential carpentry focuses on smaller-scale projects such as homes and flats.

Applying our commercial carpentry expertise across a number of key sector and industries including…

  • Education
  • Student Accommodation
  • Residential Developments
  • Healthcare
  • Office and Lab Fit-Out
  • Restoration
  • Hospitality

Our team of skilled commercial carpenters offers a comprehensive range of services, from design to installation, ensuring that your project is completed with precision and excellence.

School exterior newly-renovated


Excel Carpentry Contractors are on a mission to ensure your school’s safety and compliance standards are met without compromise. Swiftly replacing outdated, non-compliant door sets with state-of-the-art fire stopping doors, constructing new roof structures and fitting sleek IPS panels and cubicles into your bathrooms, are just some of the ways we help you to transform your classrooms and hallways into dynamic learning environments.


Transform your student accommodation layout into vibrant and inviting spaces perfect for fostering community and comfort. Whether you’re aiming to create more hospitable common areas or revamp individual units for maximum appeal, we’ve got you covered. Let’s collaborate to create the ultimate student living experience together!

Renovation of Spalding Hostel's student accommodation space
Commercial new build development under renovation

From the first nail to the finishing touches, we’re masters at breathing life into any residential development space. Ensuring every detail is perfect is a core value of our and that’s evident in a lot of the work we’ve done over the years. Major renovations to include a stunning new kitchen, elegant doors or even a full renovated roof, are all available in our packages.


Our portfolio of restoration projects includes some real historic treasures. Picture the grandeur of Charles Darwin’s old staircase in Christs College Cambridge, or envision the all-in-one extension we’ve crafted for Ely Museum, seamlessly blending history with modernity.

Ely Museum extension and refurbishment in Cambridge
Crown and punchbowl exterior development with new oak cladding
Join our satisfied clients in hospitality, such as the Crown and Punchbowl, nestled in the picturesque Cambridge countryside. They entrusted us with their domestic carpentry needs and in turn we provided intricate internal carpentry while also transforming the look of their exterior with timelessly elegant oak cladding and a stunning new roof adorning it.

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