Ensuring Safety with Certified Fire Stopping

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Fire stopping is a crucial aspect of fire safety in buildings. It refers to the process of sealing or blocking any openings, joints, or gaps in a building’s structure to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases from one area to another. These openings may include penetrations made for pipes, cables, ducts, or any other services passing through walls, floors, or ceilings.

The primary purpose of fire stopping is to compartmentalise a building, containing fire and smoke within the area of origin for a specified period. This containment slows down the spread of fire, providing occupants with more time to evacuate safely and minimising property damage.

Fire stopping materials are specifically designed and tested to withstand the intense heat and pressure of a fire. These materials may include fire-resistant sealants, intumescent materials, fire-rated boards, wraps, collars, and pillows. Depending on the type of opening and the required fire rating, different fire stopping methods and materials may be used.

Fire stopping is a critical component of a building design and construction, as it helps buildings comply with fire safety regulations and codes. It is typically installed during the construction phase but may also be retrofitted in existing buildings to improve fire safety standards.

Fire stopping certification

Demonstrating proficiency in the installation of fire stopping products is essential for ensuring the safety and compliance of a building’s fire resistant compartments. It is a legal requirement, stipulated by both the Building Regulations and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, that individuals responsible for fitting fire-stopping products possess the necessary competence. Third-party certification is the recognised method of proving this competency.

The BM TRADA Q-Mark fire stopping installation scheme is a structured program designed to ensure that individuals are trained and responsible for overseeing the work carried out by a team of operatives. This scheme aims to guarantee that fire stopping solutions are installed correctly, adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Benefits of hiring a contractor with a fire stopping certification

  • Ensure high-quality installation work, giving you peace of mind.
  • Fulfil legal obligations by maintaining fire resistance requirements.
  • Building owners, specifiers, and responsible persons can trust that fire compartments are properly sealed.
  • Contractors with certification can participate in projects that require third-party certification, expanding your options.
  • Hiring certified contractors enhances your reputation for quality work, leading to customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Certification demonstrates the contractor’s voluntary commitment to delivering high quality services.
  • Benefit from the association with a reputable certification provider like BM TRADA, adding credibility to the contractor’s work.

One-Stop Solution for Comprehensive Fire Safety Services

What distinguishes Excel Carpentry Contractors from our competitors is our comprehensive service offerings and in-house expertise. Unlike many competitors who may specialise in only one aspect of fire safety, we provide a complete carpentry package, including certified installation of fire doors, along with fire stopping packages.

One of the key advantages of choosing Excel Carpentry Contractors based in Cambridge is the convenience of working with a single contractor for multiple services. Instead of engaging separate contractors for commercial carpentry, fire door installation, and fire stopping, clients can streamline their project management by relying on us for all these needs.

We have also expanded our services to include passive fire upgrades on buildings. This means that if issues are identified during a fire risk assessment, such as holes in walls or non-compliant doors, we can address these issues efficiently. As a carpentry contractor, we have the capability to carry out this works ourselves, unlike other companies that may rely on subcontractors, potentially driving up costs for the end user.

By offering a comprehensive range of services and expertise under one roof, we provide clients with a cost-effective and efficient solution to your fire safety needs. Our in-house capabilities ensure quality control and seamless coordination, resulting in a streamlined and hassle-free experience for their clients. Contact us today to find out more.

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