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Certified Bespoke Fire Door Services For Every Industry

At Excel Carpentry Contractors, we offer bespoke fire door services for every industry. Our mission is to protect what matters most – your property and people. We proudly present our expert services, tailored for both commercial and domestic settings in Cambridge. Our expert team ensures compliance, safety and peace of mind, offering top-tier BM Trada certified carpentry solutions designed to safeguard against fire hazards. From meticulous installations to comprehensive maintenance, trust us to fortify your space and elevate your fire safety standards.





The installation of a bespoke fire door involves the meticulous process of properly fitting and positioning a door designed to resist the spread of fire and smoke.

Whether you are looking to fortify your business or protect your home, our comprehensive fire door services are available to be tailored to your needs. Internal or external fire doors can be installed to suit bustling commercial spaces as well as cozy domestic havens. With unparalleled safety and compliance, our processes adhere to all the latest fire door regulations. Our team is experienced and certified in installation fire doors across a spectrum of buildings including schools, offices, hospitality and healthcare. Recognising the paramount importance of safety in the event of a fire, we are committed to delivering high-quality fire door solutions that meet safety standards and regulations.

Fire door in Cambridge
What is a Fire Door? 

A fire door is a unique type of door structure designed to slow down or prohibit the spread of fire or smoke between rooms or areas in a building. These fire-resistant doors are typically made from strong materials like steel, timber or composite materials which are capable of withstanding high temperatures.

Fire doors come in all different shapes and sizes. They will typically be taller and wider than standard doors to fit various openings in buildings, but this will be determined after carrying out a fire door survey. They may also be equipped with special features like fire door hinges, glass windows, automatic closers and more.

Excel Carpentry Contractors are experienced and certified in installing and maintaining fire doors for all kinds of buildings including schools and offices. From external fire doors outfitted with automatic closers to internal fire doors reinforced with glass and sturdy frames to go along with them, we understand the importance of keeping people safe in the event of a fire and are committed to providing high-quality fire door solutions that meet safety standards and regulations.

Excel Carpentry Contractor installing the hinges of an interior fire door
Fire Safety Support Every Step of the Way
Approaching and actioning fire safety procedures shouldn’t be a singular endeavour. It requires an ongoing strategy.

Why risk the safety of your occupants with subpar fire door solutions? Excel Carpentry Contractors are experienced fire door carpenters, adept in every stage of the fire safety process, from initial assessment to fire door installation to long-term maintenance. It’s this unparalleled expertise and reliability that will provide you with complete peace of mind and assurance that your fire safety measures are being handled by the right people. Don’t wait until it’s too late – get in contact for a free quote now!

Compliant with all Fire Door Regulations

When you choose Excel, you’re choosing peace of mind. Our expert team stays up-to-date with all the latest fire door regulations and training in the Cambridge area and beyond. Every inch of your fire door will be subject to thorough inspection including hinges, frames, closers, handles and any glazed-glass to ensure unified function in accordance with the latest standards. Our customer-centric approach prioritises adapting to your needs and guaranteeing clients satisfaction above all else, while remaining uncompromised when it comes to the quality of our end-product.
Internal fire door with glass

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Our fire door certifications

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