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Fire stopping services through surveys, professional installation and thorough maintenance in Cambridge.

BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Stopping Contractors

Preparation is paramount in commercial and domestic sectors where fire hazards pose such a significant threat, so choosing the right fire stopping company can be the difference between safety and setback. Trust in our fully accredited, BM Trada Q-Mark fire stopping installation and maintenance services to ensure every space is fortified against the ravages of fire and smoke. We guarantee high quality work encompassing fire doors, fire stopping packages, and passive fire upgrades, so count on us for efficient project management, competitive pricing, and a seamless experience.



Fire Stopping Services

Fire stopping surveys serve as the foundation of effective fire safety strategies. From improper fire stopping sealants to vulnerable materials, our thorough investigation of your existing procedures means no stone is left unturned and no potential hazard goes unnoticed. Many clients approach us exclusively for our detailed fire stopping surveys, recognising the critical importance of sealing penetrations in walls and floors to prevent the spread of fire. These penetrations often occur where services such as cables, pipes, or ducts pass through fire-rated barriers. Our meticulous inspections and detailed analyses will highlight these risks and provide actionable insights to enhance your building’s overall safety levels.

What is Fire Stopping?

In a rapidly evolving urban landscape, fire safety cannot be overstated. Having the right fire stopping procedures in place ensures not only compliance with the latest rules and regulations, but also that there is a crucial line of defence mitigating the risks of fire escalation and facilitating safe evacuation routes where they’re needed most.

Fire stopping is a specialised trade, distinct from other construction activities, playing a pivotal role in implementing effective fire safety measures. Our fire stopping packages boast a comprehensive and proactive approach which goes beyond the standard UK fire stopping regulations, establishing Excel Carpentry Contractors as one of the premier fire stopping contractors in Cambridge. Whether it’s a sprawling commercial complex or cozy residential dwellings, our tried-and-tested fire stopping surveys and installation services are geared towards safeguarding what holds utmost importance to you. Trust in our expertise to fortify your structures and ensure peace of mind in the face of potential fire risks.

Fire stopping survey taking place in construction area

Fire Stopping Installation

At the core of Excel Carpentry Contractors’ proficiency are high-quality fire stopping products and materials. From fire stop insulation to specialised sealants, we employ a diverse range of industry-approved components to create robust barriers against fire hazards. By always staying ahead of the latest advancements in fire stopping technology, we ensure maximum efficacy in safeguarding both your structures and their occupants. Any and all of our installations adhere to the highest British standards and regulations, from initial assessments to final fittings, so that you can rely on your safety systems for maximum protection.

Fire Stopping Software

In an era defined by digital innovation, we’ve made sure that the world of fire safety hasn’t been left behind at the cost of your long-term wellbeing. Leveraging advanced techniques and cutting-edge fire stopping software, we ensure complete transparency and accountability in all our work. The One-trace software we utilise allows us to record and track every aspect of our fire stopping activities, providing our clients with detail documentation of the work performed. Notably, one-trace also facilitates the management of fire door installations, allowing us to maintain comprehensive records of fire safety measures implemented throughout the building.

As part of our commitment to utilising advanced tools and techniques, we have incorporated graphics provided by one-trace into our communication materials. These graphics serve to illustrate our use of high-spec, innovative technology in both fire stopping and fire door installations. By leveraging such tools, we not only enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our work but also demonstrate our dedication to delivering the highest standards of fire safety to our clients.

Fire stopping software

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