Washroom & IPS Panel Installations

Revolutionise your washroom and toilets with modern, industry standard IPS panelling.

Bringing comfort and efficiency to every Cambridge home

Our transformative washroom solutions blend functionality with finesse to elevate your most private of spaces. Here at Excel Carpentry Contractors, we specialise in the seamless installation of integrated plumbing system panels, or IPS panels for short. Our services seek to redefine practicality and modernity in residential and commercial spaces alike, crafting washrooms that service beyond utility.


IPS toilet panels aren’t just fixtures, they’re functional innovations that maximise both utility and visual appeal. Your washrooms and toilets will of course have plenty going on behind the scenes, which our team can covertly conceal out of view, while simultaneously streamlining your plumbing systems for efficient water supply and drainage. Fitting your IPS panelling will do wonders for helping craft an organised and sophisticated aesthetic for your washrooms, whilst the critical work is hidden out of sight and out of mind.

Black and white-themed bathroom with IPS toilet panels
IPS Panel Installation for Home Toilets

Dreaming of a washroom for your home that exudes contemporary charm without compromising on spatial efficiency? Our expertise in fitting IPS panel toilets for homes transcends the mundane, offering bespoke solutions that will help you say goodbye to everyday clutter and instead welcome a realm of organised elegance with both arms wide open. Pair your all-new IPS toilet design with some stylishly fresh cabinetry or trim work also with a helping hand from our domestic carpentry packages.

Enhanced Accessibility for Disabled Toilets

At Excel Carpentry Contractors, we understand the importance of an inclusive design, and our IPS panel toilet installations ensure that every individual, regardless of mobility challenges, experience the utmost comfort and convenience in the washroom. With meticulous attention to detail, we craft spaces that champion inclusivity utilising safety bars and railings, without sacrificing style. Our IPS panels in disabled toilets cater to both domestic home units, as well as public spaces such as disabled cubicles in commercial buildings, so your ideal washroom is always in reach.

Toilet with IPS panelling
Transforming Public Spaces
In the dynamic landscape of public and commercial real estate, first impressions can mean a lot. From sleek office complexes to vibrant retail outlets, you don’t want anything to get in the way of the satisfaction of your workers or customers so make sure your washrooms resonate with the ethos of your brand. Our IPS toilet cubicle panels ensure optimal functionality and durability that every individual will take notice of.

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